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This was my first open water swim and I absolutely loved it. Overall, very well done to all who contributed to this event.

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Since the first swim in 2004, the Henley Classic has now been joined by three more events: the THAMES MARATHON Bridge to Bridge, the Henley Mile and the Club to Pub.

2014 Henley Classic swim 29th June am – one of the worlds top swims, featuring some of the worlds top swimmers.

2016 will see Oxford and Cambridge do battle over the Classic course for the third open water varsity match “There is always a sense of foreboding before any mass participation sporting challenge, but with the Henley Classic those negative feelings are blown away by the mystical nature of the event.

First swum back in 2004, when two of the organisers, Tom Kean and Jeremy Laming, decided their backs had finally had enough of rowing and it might be nice to swim the Henley Regatta course.

To do this without disrupting the rowing community, they arranged to start at dawn.

News got around and each year more people turned up to join them.

2016 will see maximum numbers swim the course by the time rowers arrive to practice.

The torch-light walk to the start, the mist swirling above the river, the moon full and radiant, the sun just threatening to burst from behind the hill, gives the whole event the feeling of a pagan festival rather than a seriously tough physical test” – Graham Bell – Olympic skier The Inman and Ovey cups – were donated to the Henley Classic swim by the River Rowing museum.

They were awarded for open water swimming races on the Henley reach dating back to the 1890’s, making them amongst the most historic and prestigious prizes in British open water swimming.

“I don’t have enough superlatives to describe the Bridge to Bridge swim. To be able to complete the challenge of swimming from Henley to Marlow, along some of the most beautiful, untouched stretched of the Thames was such a unique, special and incredibly uplifting experience.” – Chrissie Wellington – 4x Ironman World Champion The annual sporting calendar contains some truly iconic sporting events, many of which are inaccessible to most.

The Henley Classic s without doubt amongst the most iconic challenges and, in contrast to other events, is open to all comers. Water temperature of 20.7 C made for a very pleasant swim, even with a wetsuit.

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