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If anything opens up please contact me at [email protected] Your comments may be seen by the public, so please do not include private information.

killing of Arabs, Muslims and innocent people in Yemen, proved that Al Saudi regime is serving the interests of enemies of Arabs and Islam and benefits the Zionist entity ‘Israel’, instead of reinforcing unity and dignity among Arabs and Muslims.

HELP FOR POVERTY AND EDUCATIONTo : Sa'awan Street Sana'a Yemen Name & Address : AHMAD HAKIM MTD JL. PERMAI NO 02 DUSUN V VILLAGE SEI ROTAN VILLAGE : SEI ROTAN Kecamantan : Percut Sei Tuan . Proud US citizen but looking for a job here in Yemen so I can settle down here with family.

i along with senator john mccain and my only husband harry charles david are very important today.

No Hp : 0813 9731 2879 BANK ACCOUNT AHMAD HAKIM MTD . Im Graduate, and MA English z continue I hope U wd be kind enough To consider my humble request & my contact number z thz kindly contact:- +0092346-2320116i am the only usa seal holder and monarch mason in the worldiam a very important person to every country today im shutting down the entyre system of usa government of the 50 states iam the only usa seal of 50 states and also a monarch mason i am married to harry charles david second child of charles and diane spencer i really love my husband imiss him alot .

So Im very much needy for ur valuable help regarding eyes treatment in America as well as Masters programme in English on behalf of English linguitics.

0363413641 So we prayed to personally help the venture capital while running slowly hopefully tell me what hopefully get a response . For Eye treatment Honor able Sir /Madam Its me An special person named Asadullah chandio, belongs to Larkana city province Sindh, Pakistan, Im very much poor but tallented & intelligent including compitent by all accounts specially study field.As hard as it is to believe, Im already a citizen and Im actually planning on staying here in yemen.I lived most of my life in New York City and I've grown to love it.However, coming to yemen has opened my eyes to a whole different side of my life that I want explore and understand.It's has intrigued me to learn about my culture and heritage that I have been away from for so long. YEMENI -AMERICAN AND PROUDlooking for free visa I am English teacher . I have a B A degree in English from University of Sanaa. I want to study master in any American University .please help me and send me a reply .I've always thought of myself as New Yorker proudly before anything and in a way... Im currently looking for a job opening as a linguist or translator. My e mail is [email protected] invite you to share your experiences with the American Embassy — obtaining visas and other services, locating the building, and so on.


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