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(So much for the the serious part.) I never know how I am supposed to celebrate the birthday of someone like the the blogfather. Then in 2005 I quoted the well wishes from famous people. You’ll just have to trust me as to the details.) I’m wondering…. Jacksonian Jon Swift Tim Maguire Three Sticks Asymmetric Dog Politics Oregon Guy Little Miss Attila Buuuuurrrrning Hot Tygrrrr Express David Harsanyi Snowflakes in Hell Earnest Iconoclast Eternity Road Musings of the Geek With A.45 Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest Nathan J.

But that was because there were awful tornadoes, I was out of town looking at art, and plus I got checkmated! Although, as it happens, I am writing this blogfather birthday post despite of the fact that I would have had a perfectly good excuse not to. No wonder this curse is so powerful that even a strong dog like Coco cannot escape it. Besides, it wouldn’t do to give her any more evil ideas. Com Gays for Life Spinning Clio Mike Huckabee President 2008 A. Brain that rogueclassicist guy Constantly Risking Absurdity Laurence Simon A World of Speculation Weird Events Mark in Mexico The Palmetto Pundit All Things Jen(nifer) Generic Confusion Justus for All i Hillary Michael Totten Don Surber Maggie's Farm Kicking On Doors Funny Business Restless Mania Mark Tapscott nobody sasses a girl in glasses Letters from the Bostonian Exile The Education Wonks Diana Hseih just muttering Right-Wing of the Gods Michelle Malkin Inside Larry's Head Ballpoint Wren A Blog For All American Outlook From the Grand Stand Tinabell Affordable Housing Institute mudphud Searchlight Crusade Gus Van Horn Ian Schwartz One Billion Red Chinese and a Dog Named Liberty Suburban Bourgeois DR.

This year, I have no excuses for forgetting, but no crossed swords, and no pompous greetings from world dignitaries. While I haven’t told Coco about the “puppy blender” business, in honor of Glenn’s birthday, I won’t. God of the Machine Sandefur's Freespace Wizbang Robert Prather Law Pundit The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler Amygdala bilious young fogey why dave bergman is neat Clowning Glory Dispatches from the Culture Wars Anti-Socialist Tendencies Of Interest Setting The World To Rights doubleplusgood infotainment Scrutineer Nick Danger, International Man of Mystery TRITICALE Random Jottings point2point Shark Blog Gene Healy Six Foot Pole Andrew Ian Dodge Lex Talionis Mind Of Mog Say Uncle CAMPVS MAWRTIVS Annika's Journal & Poetry A :{FRUSTRATED}: ARTIST Yet another weird SF fan Lincoln Cat The Meatriarchy Punch Drunk Mookie Riffic Matthew Zen Pundit Jennifer's History and Stuff argghhh!!! COM IQ & PC -- By Chris Brand The Daily Lion: Neo Libertarianism on a Stick Saint Kansas Coming Anarchy Lay Lines that's Rich the blog eclectic Yankee Madmen Jesusland Expatriate Amazing Motor Girls Spiced Sass Decline and Fall of Western Civilization Modern Crusader Maroon Blog I am partially fused with infinity Eros Colored Glasses Bill Peschel: The man comes around The War of Ideas Vitriolics Anonymous EDUCATION WATCH SOCIALIZED MEDICINE GUN WATCH Kapowie Zone Political Theory: Weblogs Harkonnendog Coyote Blog Blog Retrofuturistic Jason Bloggledygook Right Wing Nut House ELEMENOHPEE Locusts and Honey Moonbattery The Everlasting Phelps The Cassandra Page Of Arms & the Law The Daily Bork Strange Stuff Libertarian Man of Mystery Liberty Just In Case Talk Left Joe's Dartblog Iowa Hawk The Common Room Darth Vader Boxing Alcibiades Baby Troll Blog Urban Hermit The Eye of Polyphemus Toe In The Water Fishkite Right on the Left Coast Scared Monkeys The Mudville Gazette Matt Sheffield Nashville The Cliffs of Insanity Riding Sun The Modo Blog Philly Future philly Doug Petch.

Can it really be a coincidence that this is the third year in a row that Coco has been in heat on Glenn Reynolds’ birthday?

“In heat” of course, is little more than another euphemism involving And while I never noticed it before, unless he’s lying about his age (and he’s gotten Wikipedia to lie for him), the full birthday for Glenn Reynolds is August 27, 1960.

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