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Our energy audits look at every aspect of the building from the ground up.

We focus on the building envelope, occupant's usage and comfort, and building equipment.

The final report outlines current energy usage, prioritized recommendations on how to reduce your energy consumption, cost analysis, and payback schedules.

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Energy Analysis: DMA Engineering uses the latest energy simulation software as the basis of our design and design recommendations.

The energy simulation is the key to how the building will perform and ensures the equipment selected is the correct size and the most efficient.

Energy Audits: Energy audits of existing buildings identify root causes of high energy consumption.

First and foremost before a new heating and cooling system is installed the building has to be as efficient as possible.

This process is important for the validation of the design, and construction of the system.

Whether we commission our own design or act as a third party, we follow commission processes set by NEEB, ASHRAE and the USGBC.Economic Analysis: In order to choose the best system, a full Life Cycle Analysis of the competing systems ensures the most financially attractive system is chosen.We use strategic engineering methods and computer software to deliver an efficient design and a high quality set of construction documents.Our design services include: We use Open Foam, an open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package for our advanced fluid and heat transfer designs.We use the latest Auto CAD for 2D and Solid Works for3D design, enabling us to deliver highly accurate drawings.Commissioning: An important last step in the building process is the commissioning of the system.

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