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  5. : D but about your question, i deffinately want to play as a girl! not porn or anything, just something light ^^ Just came to my mind when you talked about shounen-ai.mean in my first dating sim? THIS GUY LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE SWIMMING SENPAI....why does he HAVE A NAME???? And when I google his name..:iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz: I hope I didn't scare the other patient. (and my scared of the dentist feeling suddenly vanished)SWIMMING ANIME IS FINALLY OFFICIAL AND IT HAS A NAME, IT'S "FREE! (sorry I can't express my happiness nicely)Although there have been people who said that it really is going to be anime, I can't really believe it by getting my hopes up before I see the real official news lol. v=b Zes Aeh Tqjw I don't know if it actually works, but it'd be great if there's an animation series for this! Well, you know not only guys can enjoy the moe moe ish fanservices, girls need that too! AND SPREAD THE LOVE OF CUTE SWIM CLUB BOYSSSSS Heavenly Playgirl glitches and favourite Bachelors Hello!! again XDThese are the ones that I've played: HM Back to Nature (ps) -- reasons why the kitten rant is stupid1. So, I will just do it whenever..since I also have many other things to do. I'm sorry, currently I don't accept requests for ANY collab works/ideas.

  6. If the Trustee determines that a claim is valid, the Trustee will pay that claim, to the extent assets are available, in accordance with the terms of the MOH Liquidating Trust.

  7. There aren't any dates, or social interactions, or connections beyond just a sexual exploration, and likely only for a one-time experience. While love might be involved, and you can casually date as well as be polyamorous, the two aren't the same at all.

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