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The same 5-6 pieces of advice came up over and over and over again in different forms across literally 100s of emails.It seems that there really are a few core pieces of advice that are particularly relevant to this decade of your life.Below are 10 of the most common themes appearing throughout all of the 600 emails.

Educate yourself." (Kash, 41)One reader said, "If you are in debt more than 10 percent of your gross annual salary this is a huge red flag.

Quit spending, pay off your debt and start saving." Another wrote, "I would have saved more money in an emergency fund because unexpected expenses really killed my budget.

I would have been more diligent about a retirement fund, because now mine looks pretty small."And then there were the readers who were just completely screwed by their inability to save in their 30s.

One of the Manson Family killers was approved for parole even after she made the shocking revelation during her April 14 parole hearing that she would have killed babies when she was participating in the group’s murder spree back in 1969.

The New York Post reports that Leslie Van Houten, now 66 years old, went into detail about her role in the murders of Leno and Rosemary La Bianca during her seven-hour parole hearing. Presiding Commissioner Ali Zarrinnam reportedly asked Van Houten: “You would have done anything at this point, right?

If there were babies in the home, would you have killed babies, newborns, toddlers?” Referring to Charles Manson, Van Houten said: “I think I would have if he’d have said.” The Post adds: “The gray-haired femme fatale never recanted or took responsibility for her shocking statement, saying instead that she had ‘surrendered completely, morally, ethically’ to Manson.” Governor Jerry Brown will make the final decision in the next few months as to whether Van Houten is released from prison. I sent an email out to my subscribers and asked readers age 37 and older what advice they would give their 30-year-old selves.The idea was that I would crowdsource the life experience from my older readership and create another article based on their collective wisdom. I received over 600 responses, many of which were over a page in length.It took me a solid three days to read through them all and I was floored by the quality of insight people sent.While going through the emails what surprised me the most was just how consistent some of the advice was.

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