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As usual, there are a few that stand out, while some of them are just more casual and don’t try to do a whole lot to impress.That could end up being their downfall, but here are some highlights from the limo entrances: did warn the world that there would be another unicorn, but it isn’t likely that anyone thought a full-sized one would show up.Believe it or not, Jo Jo says she doesn’t feel an instant connection with any of them, but then she’s immediately talking with Jordan.

️ A photo posted by Jo Jo Fletcher (@joelle_fletcher) on has delivered the goods on what will be happening this season, but the main thing is the season premiere. To start off the season premiere, there is a recap of Ben Higgins’ season on This is rather common stuff and it’s what anyone would come to expect, and it’s not nothing really earth-shattering.

As usual, everyone wants to know if there will be drama and chaos and kissing and guys sent home and all of that. After that, though, it’s time for the guys to start getting their introductions and eight of them get intro videos.

Each one lets the world know a little about who they are, and then it is time for the limo entrances.

Reality Steve actually has the order that each of the 26 guys come out of the limo and they are: Jordan, Derek, Grant, James F., Robby, Alex, Will, Chad, Daniel, Ali, James T., Jon, Nick B., Chase, Jake, Sal, Coley, Brandon, James S., Nick S., Vinny, Peter, Evan, Wells, Christian, and Luke.

Well, she’s actually already started, as the show started taping months ago, and pretty much everything has been done by this point.

For all those watching on ABC at home, though, the season premiere is Monday night, and everything is about to get really dramatic.Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of Ahhhh Finally getting to catch up on my beauty 'to-dos'… Thank you Kristin @teasesalonoc for helping a sister out ✂️????EDIT: Appreciate the love and so excited for you to see the new season unfold BUT sorry to disappoint it will be the same old face just without a filter #noihaventhadafacetransplant ✌????Jordan Rodgers never actually made it onto the regular season main roster of any NFL team and didn’t play in a single game.In the Canadian Football League, he was on the practice roster of the BC Lions, but again, never played in a game after college.From that point, Jo Jo goes on to speak with other guys who try to impress her, and Will is next.


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