Who is heidi montag dating

“You make a lot of money, but half goes to taxes and the other half goes to agents, managers, lawyers,” Montag says. I’m doing Crossfit, which is really intense, really hardcore,” Montag says. I grew up doing sports.” 8) Her two must-have drinks are red wine and tequila. Red wine and tequila – those two things I won’t be able to give up. 10) Montag and Pratt are in a legal back-and-forth with is about these Malibu kids living this amazing privileged life but at the same time incorporating new media and social media and how they’re not as naive as kids like them have been in the past.“It sounds like you make a lot of money, but you don’t. It’s great to have her back in my life.” 7) She’s training with a martial arts expert. “It’s what Olympic professional athletes do in their off-season. They have Skype and Twitter and these different multimedia aspects of their life that are ingrained in their relationships and their daily life.

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She’s often opened up about the drastic plastic surgery that changed her body forever, along with the real-life pitfalls of living her life in front of the world.

costar and longtime love, despite announcing a divorce in 2010 and nixing it three months later. “I heard they’re based on our friendship, but I haven’t read them,” Montag says.

Here are the top 10 things you probably didn’t know about the all-new Montag. “My mom [Darlene Egelhoff] is cleaning houses now because they lost their restaurant,” says Montag, whose family business, Timberlines, shuttered its doors in 2010. “I’m writing my own real memoir, not a fiction one.” Meow!

“I try to help them, but I didn’t have enough to save it. “I wrote it two years ago, and last year I started having it edited.

One of my goals someday is reopen the restaurant and help them. It will take a few more months because it’s a serious memoir,” Montag says.

3) Pratt is nearing completion of his college studies, including time at University of Southern California.

“He has one class at USC, and then Spanish, and he graduates because he already did most of his political science major,” Montag says.

“He took a break when he sold 4) The reality couple — who used to routinely charge 0,000 to host a club party on the Las Vegas Strip — are admittedly broke.

They pay no rent to live in Pratt’s father’s house in Santa Barbara, Calif.

“Who knows where we’d be if it wasn’t for Spencer’s family? “It’s definitely a miracle that we get to live here.

We are really cautious with our money now, and we don’t have rent. It’s just save, save, save.” 5) Where did all that money go? I don’t think I could ever give it up – red, predominantly. I used to drink more regularly, and I’m trying to cut down.” Montag also says excessive drinking may have led to extra, unnecessary face-swelling post-surgery. “They’re 32 Es or F, depends on the bra,” she says, with a laugh.


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