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However it can get a bit draggy and stringy if there is not enough polish on the brush-I found this when doing my second coat but overall not a problem.

I've got two of these colours, Dating Coral and Parisian Rooftop.

Firstly I was very impressed with the colour range- there really is something for everyone and every mood.

The polish was also great to apply, the brush shape made it really easy to get a neat finish quickly.

I bought 3 of shades on a 3 for 2 offer- Marie Antoinette, Blue Rief and Rose Bagatelle and am seriously impressed by the elegance of the hues, and the quality of the varnishes.

Yes, the bottles are small but I only need 1 coat and they are have amazing staying power.

The varnishes dry very quickly, I use a base and top coat by Nails Inc.

I am currently wearing the Rose Bagatelle and it's still going strong on day 5.

The Blue Rief shade is the most amazing deep green-blue hue, it's my favourite shade currently.

There is a vast range of decent colours to choose from.

I certainly counted at least 5-7 beautiful nude shades and am eyeing up some of the stronger shades too.

Purchased Color Riche "beige countess" after seeing a mention in press as a good nude shade. Found it a bit tricky to apply first coat without streakiness (over a base coat at least), but OK with two coats, and very glossy finish. Did nails Sunday evening, stayed perfect until Thursday morning when had a little chipping round edges, touched that up and applied another coat to all nails and it lasted until Saturday morning. Taken one star off as I found it difficult to apply evenly, and it is a small bottle for price.

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