Who is dating zachary levi

I’m living my dream and can’t figure out how I got so lucky,” Krysta, 29, wrote on her Twitter account.

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will begin previews July 9 before officially opening Aug. The show follows tightly wound Aaron (Levi), who is set up with serial-dater Casey (Rodriguez), and a quick drink at a busy New York restaurant suddenly turns into a high-stakes dinner.

As the date unfolds in real time, the couple finds that they are not alone; Casey and Aaron's inner critics take on a life of their own as restaurant patrons and the wait staff get into the act.

The cast includes Sara Chase, Kristoffer Cusick, Blake Hammond and Kate Loprest.

“Sorry @Actor_Friend but it’s a #blessed kinda night.” is an original musical starring Zachary as a blind date newbie who is set up with a serial dater (Krysta) and their casual drink at a busy New York restaurant turns into a hilarious high-stakes dinner.

Further, the source notes that in Zachary opinion if they are meant to be than in the future she will become Zachary Levi girlfriend again and if not than God must not want them to be together.

The main reason that was for ending their relationship as he claims was the timing, which was bad for them.

The Former Zachary Levi girlfriend has changed her Facebook account immediately after their brake-up only leaving one picture of them spending the vacation together and lying in the beach, but in the picture they were doing different things, she was reading a magazine and Zachary was enjoying some snacks, but know even this will not happen because she is left alone and her page status is single again.

The couple has spent two years together and their relationship were considered to be serious by other people, but it appears that something went wrong between these two.

Thus, the reasons for Zachary Levi girlfriend braking up with Zachary are unclear, because it happened after they had a romantic vacation together.

So first they go for vacation and then they end their relationship.

Thus it looks that this is not the first time that Zachary has tried to end his relationship with the former Zachary Levi girlfriend, because as one of his close friends state that the actor has tried before, but this time he was completely serious about it and he ended their relationship.

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