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A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about finding images—vintage photographs—to represent the characters in my historical fiction.Those pictures help me SEE my characters, but how do I know what lies under the skin?How does an author go about creating the emotional makeup of a character?

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I also like making films that are being discovered by another generation.

Having been a teen idol of the '60s is great because you realize you left your generation with a smile and good memories. They need a sense of freedom, but, of course, they must have some boundaries.

I am against hitting them though; just send the vibe and that will do it.

Who hasn’t read a book and encountered a character that seemed familiar—as if you’ve met that person before.

I recently based one of my characters on my sixth grade teacher.

This woman delighted in publicly humiliating her students, mocking kids who didn’t catch on as quickly, or had a hard time memorizing.

I cannot recall a single classmate saying they liked her. So when I needed to create a character for one of my stories who thought she was better than everyone else, talked down to others and made them feel inferior, I thought of my sixth grade teacher.

Here is Connie Stevens in her nude scene from the 1974 (US) TV movie 'The Sex Symbol'.

Screencaps from this film have been posted elsewhere on this thread and you can download the complete movie at the following link, credit to all OPs: Type: AVI, size: 12 MB, duration: 57s, quality: VHS rip.

Link: Here is Connie Stevens in three scenes from the 1976 movie 'Scorchy' - screencaps from this have been posted elsewhere on this thread and a couple of scenes have been posted @ #34 so this file extends that in rather better video quality.

And the complete movie is available for download at the following link, credit to all those OPs: You can also download my file of Ingrid Cedergren getting her top off in this movie on this link: Type: AVI, size: 35 MB, duration: 3m16s, quality: VHS rip.


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