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Meeting someone you met online in person might sound like something that only happens in romantic comedies or scary PSA’s about safety, but new research proves that it’s happening a lot more than some of us may have thought. Putting provocative images online or presenting yourself as someone who’s just looking for a hookup is super dangerous – it increases your risk of being spotted by gross perverts who are creeping on the Internet looking for vulnerable girls. There are plenty of happy couples out there who met online, through dating sites, Myspace, Facebook, whatever floats their boat.

teenage girls have met up with someone they met off the Internet at least once in their lives. The majority of girls who put themselves out there online in a sexual way were girls who had suffered some sort of physical or sexual abuse or neglect.

If you’ve ever read a terrifying kidnapping story in the newspaper or watched the new MTV show , the thought of meeting someone through the Internet can seem pretty terrifying. The people you meet online aren’t always 50-year-old pervs disguised as cute 18-year-old’s.

Ask them questions, get to know them, Google their name, look for their social media sites. But don't let anyone fool you - a pro creep is good at getting what they want.

Source: Shutter Stock If you start talking to someone on a Tuesday and by Friday he's like, "Hey baby, can we hang out tonight? True story: I met my boyfriend after he put a note on my car in a parking lot with his phone number telling me to call him.

We texted and talked on the phone for almost a month before I agreed to meet up with him.

But in order to safely meet up with someone you met on the Internet, there are a few things you should always do or keep in mind.

It's super easy to sign onto Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or any other social media site and find people who you feel like you can connect to - but I wouldn't advise using any of those sites as safe places to meet people.

Anyone can make a social media profile and act like they're someone else.

And while that's also true for dating sites, it's less likely to happen on something like, because not only does it take a lot more time and effort, but you also have to pay for it.

Source; Shutter Stock No matter what site you're using, putting your personal info on the Internet is never a good idea.

Don't let people know your address or phone number, don't tell people exactly where you go to school and don't give out the first and last names of all of your friends. And if some creepy dude knows where you live, where you go to school and where you hang out, you've basically given him a road map to come find you.

Source: Shutter Stock This is exactly where Google comes in handy. Source: Shutter Stock If you have a weird feeling that the person you met is lying about something or being kind of creepy, trust that feeling. It's easy to let a guy sweet talk you, especially when he seems like he's generally an okay dude.

Once you meet someone online who seems cool, try to find out as much info about them as possible. It's especially easy to let that happen on the Internet when you're not face-to-face and can't read any body language.


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