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With smaller files it will require a disk space of 410 MB instead.Includes all changes from the beta-patches listed below Addition to already existing perk: If the Gambler's current health is lower than another player's, the heal effect on the Gambler is increased by 100%.

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As a first step, we are introducing a way for you to handle your mods.

Example of a texture and a soundbank being overridden: [payday2 root]\assets\mod_overrides\george_supermod_v1.01\units\payday2\characters\shared_textures\civ_female_1_df.texture [payday2 root]\assets\mod_overrides\george_supermod_v1.01\soundbanks\accomplice_driver_2You can override the following file types: texture, material_config, animation, model, bnk, stream.

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This bonus is double when you are under 50% health for yourself only All armor penalties have been removed Added Akimbo related perks from Tooth and Claw and changed Stability Penalty from -24 to -16 Addition to already existing perk: Akimbo ammo capacity of your akimbo weapon increased to 125% Moved Akimbo related perk to the Ambidexterity Perk Added to already existing perk: Your armor will recover 5 second after being broken no matter what the situation Updated Main Menu Open Beta is now live Open beta update size: 389.9 MB Update size: 371.4 MB February 29, 2016 Update size if you went from the last update: 1.6 GB Update size if you went from the last update + Overkills B-Sides Soundtrack: 1.7 GB Update size if you went from the beta: 731.2MB Update size if you went from the beta + Overkills B-Sides Soundtrack: 885.7MB April 30, 2015 *We were taken by surprise with the amount of Hype Fuel added so fast.

We will update the XP boost from 70% to 90% in the next patch, assuming the final goal has not been reached by then in which case we will bring it to 100%.

We support the PAYDAY modding community and want to make things easier for you.Not long ago we invited Tatsuto from Last Bullet Gaming and Olipro, the developer of Hoxhud, to sit down and talk about how we can help you guys.Update Size: 15.3 MB June 2nd, 2016 PAYDAY 2 bundle files have been split up into smaller parts.Instead of having 15 files that are 1.5 GB each, we now have 60 files that are 400 MB each.What that means is that it will require less harddisk space to install a patch.For example: If you have a patch that is 10 MB, then you need to make an backup of the 1.5 GB file which will require a disk space of 1.5 GB + 10 MB.

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