Vince offer dating

Start on neutral ground with zero points and see where you end up.

Question 2: Was there anything inherently creepy about him, like the sound of his voice or some of the questions he asked you?

Or did he do something super weird like read you a children's book that he had stored in the glove compartment of his Honda?

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And afterwards you'll have to decide whether or not this guy is worthy of a third date, after which you'll pretty much officially be dating (holy crap). If you listen to your gut, you should already have a pretty good idea about whether or not a second date is in the stars.

However, there are times when it's not totally clear.

Just remember that whatever decision you ultimately make, it was the right decision simply because you made it.

If you still want help, here is a fun quiz that will make the decision to ditch him or date him clearer than daylight.

If yes - Subtract 5 points Question 9: Did you find out on the first date that you have more friends in common than you thought or discover that you have other random stuff in common, like you both drink black coffee and put way too much parmesan cheese on everything?

If yes - Add 10 points Question 10: Did he give you backhanded compliments like, "I would tell you how pretty you are, but you probably hear that all the time," or did he insult you in any way, even if it was just rolling his eyes at something you said?

If yes - Subtract 10 points Question 13: Did time go by really quickly on your date?

Did you suddenly look around and realize that you'd closed down the restaurant or glance at your watch and discover that you'd been chatting for four hours?

If yes - Add 15 points Scoring: Once you add up all of your points, if you have any points whatsoever, you should definitely go on a second date with this guy.

This means that even if things weren't perfect and fireworks didn't go off and blow up the bar, he either made you laugh or made you comfortable and there was at least a shred of chemistry or at least compatibility.

We think that these things totally warrant a second date!


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