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We'll store each user by a unique username, and we'll also store their full name and date of birth.

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Using multi-path updates, we can add nicknames to both Grace and Alan at the same time: { "users": { "alanisawesome": { "date_of_birth": "June 23, 1912", "full_name": "Alan Turing", "nickname": "Alan The Machine" }, "gracehop": { "date_of_birth": "December 9, 1906", "full_name": "Grace Hopper", "nickname": "Amazing Grace" } } } Note that trying to update objects by writing objects with the paths included will result in different behavior.

Let's take a look at what happens if we instead try to update Grace and Alan this way: take an optional completion callback that is called when the write has been committed to the database.

If the call was unsuccessful for some reason, the callback will be passed an error object indicating why the failure occurred.

When creating lists of data, it is important to keep in mind the multi-user nature of most applications and adjust your list structure accordingly.

A push ID can be generated on the client will work while offline and is optimized for performance.

var posts Ref = ref.child("posts"); var new Post Ref = posts Ref.push(); new Post Ref.set({ author: "gracehop", title: "Announcing COBOL, a New Programming Language" }); // we can also chain the two calls together posts Ref.push().set({ author: "alanisawesome", title: "The Turing Machine" }); The unique key is based on a timestamp, so list items will automatically be ordered chronologically.Because we generate a unique ID for each blog post, no write conflicts will occur if multiple users add a post at the same time.Expanding on our example above, let's add blog posts to our app.Your first instinct might be to use // NOT RECOMMENDED - use push() instead!{ "posts": { "0": { "author": "gracehop", "title": "Announcing COBOL, a New Programming Language" }, "1": { "author": "alanisawesome", "title": "The Turing Machine" } } } ensures a unique and chronological ID.You may be tempted to use transactions instead to generate your own IDs, but push is a far better choice. They require one or more round trips to the server.


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