toronto and dating on line - Updating floor ceiling stone fireplace

The client wanted a more natural stone surface from floor to ceiling.The brick fireplace was faced with manufactured stone and the result was dramatic.The room was transformed with a warmth that had previously been lacking.

The whole room had recently been remodeled leaving the fireplace looking like the last vestige of the older house.

It was also lacking a significant mantel, which the client found limiting.

This fireplace remodel required backer board installation before the fireplace was faced with Italian tile.

Tile should not be laid directly over a painted brick on a fireplace.

Scroll down to see some fun before and after pictures. It made the room feel small because of its mass and the fireplace lacked style. The mass was reduced by using textured sheetrock above the fireplace mantel to match the existing walls.

This cinder block fireplace in a downstairs family room had been stained over time and was in need of a face-lift. A small mantel was added to the fireplace to update it and tie in with the crown moulding.

Take a look at our book for advice on "How to Remodel a Fireplace".

The room was then painted to bring out some of the interesting colors in the tile.

A custom mantel was added to the top that tied it in nicely to the window and floor trim.

The new fireplace design made their remodel look complete.

Our book on Fireplace Remodeling goes into detail on how to apply backer board to a painted brick fireplace so that you can attach the tile securely to the surface.


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