Updating a meade 497 controller instructions

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updating a meade 497 controller instructions-56

For assistance with troubleshooting update issues, see Troubleshoot update issues with your Xbox One Controller.

An Xbox One Wireless Controller purchased in or after June 2015 can take updates wirelessly without connecting via USB cable.

This controller has a small, circular 3.5-mm port on the bottom of the controller; controllers without this port must update via USB cable.

This page provides information from Meade and users on the Meade Auto Star, Audio Star, cables, and the Auto Star updater software.

See the Auto Star Feedback page for other Auto Star user comments.

If you applying patches or using the cable information, be certain you check the version/model number first to verify compatibility.Remember, tips described on this site may invalidate the warranties on your ETX and accessories.(07/25/04) #494 Auto Star & #506 cable info (01/19/04) Connectors (08/04/03) Homemade Auto Star #505 cable tip (04/05/03) Auto Star #494 Cable Pinouts (02/16/02) #497 Auto Star Replacement Jack Info (11/15/01) Homemade Cloning Kit (01/16/01) Homemade #505 Cable (07/26/01) Cable #505 vs #506 (04/03/01) Long Auto Star Cable (11/04/10) Additional Auto Star Cable Info (01/23/00) Auto Star Cable Info (11/12/00) GPS Pix Soft Star GPS-NX02 (04/04/13) Garmin USB GPS (11/11/08) Pocket PC GPS Code (11/04/07) GPS, Compass Add-On (08/17/07) GPS for Auto Star #495/497 (05/27/04) Star GPS-LX Review (05/12/04) Auto Star Suite Autostar Suite, Auto Star Update in Windows 7 (08/31/12) Autostar Remote Control Hookup(09/20/08) Auto Star Suite in Windows 2000 (03/09/08) Auto Star Suite Help files in Vista (10/31/07) Auto Star (09/04/05) Auto Star Suite & LPI procedure (06/18/05) Auto Star Suite Protocol Description (03/10/05) Auto Star Suite on a Macintosh (01/11/04) Network Server Capability (07/31/04) Auto Star Suite Downloads (Meade site) (05/06/09) Auto Star Suite Archive (unofficial) (05/06/09) #497 Patches (4.x ROM file) Landmark Patch Kit for Auto Star v43Eg (v30) (04/19/11) Patch Kit for Auto Star 497EP v5CE1 (v09) (03/13/11) Updated Patch Kit for v43Eg (v28) (07/31/10) Updated Patch Kit for v43Eg (v26) (10/29/09) Patch Removal Instructions (04/30/09) New Patch Kit for v43Eg (01/06/09) Auto Star Text Changes (06/16/08) Patch Kit for v43Eg (11/24/07) Patch Kit for v43Ed (12/23/06) Patch Kit for v43Ea (07/09/06) Patch Archive Auto Star II Patches (4.x ROM file) Patch Kit for v4.2g (v19) (03/31/13) Patch Kit for v4.2g (v17) (05/04/12) Patch Kit for v4.2g (v14) (10/18/10) Patch Kit for v4.2g (v13) (10/18/10) Patch Kit for v4.2g (01/22/07) Patch Kit for 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Guide (08/10/00) Auto Star Models (04/26/10) Auto Star Compatible Software (03/16/06) Meade's Auto Star FAQ page Other Tips ETX-80AT-TC with #497 Handbox (05/08/12) Auto Star #494/497 Old vs New LCDs (03/16/12) Auto Star #497 Reconditioning (12/31/10) Dead Auto Star Resurrection Tip (12/19/10) Other LCD Replacement Tips (06/30/13) Auto Star Display Tip (04/26/10) LCD Replacement (12/12/12) Drive Training (09/11/07) Setting a Solar Tracking Rate (11/08/06) Fixing Keyboard Sensitivity (01/31/06) Cleaning Encoders (09/07/05) Auto Star Warmer (12/06/04) Dew Protection Optimizing Training Values (03/11/04) Auto Star Heater (02/26/04) Repairing #494 Auto Star (11/21/02) Christopher Erickson's Auto Star retrofit (10/15/02) Converting Asteroid Elements (12/16/01) Auto Star "Roadmap" (09/25/01) Testing Auto Star Communications (02/05/08) Adding Comets (11/14/04) Saving Backlash Percentages (07/09/01) Entering Longitude (05/05/01) Auto Star Test (10/07/03) Motor Failure Error (04/09/01) C8 Super Polaris with Auto Star (06/25/01) Keypad Cleaning/Repair (03/23/13) Converting 495 to 497 (08/07/01) Setting Percentages For Better Tracking (02/24/01) Bad Download Recovery (SAFE LOAD) (05/12/10) Setting/Resetting Any Auto Star Model (12/30/00) Drive Training Adjustment (11/30/00) Tracking ISS (03/06/00) Auto Star Tips (07/28/00) Adding the Sun (01/27/05) Satellite Tracking (01/15/08) Auto Star Tours Uploading Auto Star Tours (09/18/11) Starry Night to Auto Star Tour (12/12/06) Starry Night Planner to Auto Star (12/27/04) Auto Star Tour Simulator (11/18/02) Auto Star Guided Tours and Info (04/12/10) Meade Auto Star Tours Archive (02/28/09) Auto Star Power Information Adapter to power an Air Cable (08/12/06) Power with USB (02/15/05) Another External Power for Auto Star (01/21/05) Auto Star Power From Batteries (06/15/03) Another External Power Box (04/25/02) #497 Power Supply Current Info (07/23/01) Auto Star Power Box (05/05/01) External Power for Auto Star (07/31/01) If you have trouble uncompressing (unzipping or unstuffing) any files referenced on this or other pages on my ETX site, I suggest you try using the FREE "Stuff It Expander" from Smith Micro Software. When you update your controller with the latest software, you get full use of your Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter capabilities, plus important controller improvements.You can update your controller wirelessly or via USB.

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