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Distance between points is shown in nautical miles.

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Drivers license or voter registration cards are not sufficient.

Return to the US requires an International Flight Plan filed to the most convenient US Airport of Entry and advising Customs of arrival ETA by including the word "ADCUS" in the remarks section. Accomplish this by following the procedure outlined in the Flight Plan Procedure section of this publication.

All planes must have transponder, survival gear, 12" numbers.

Flying The Bahamas is truly simple and well within the capabilities of the lightest single engine aircraft.

When leaving Florida’s east coast, first landfalls occur at Grand Bahama Island (60 NM) or Bimini (50 NM).

Overlapping VOR/DME of NOB signals provide course guidance from the US coast and throughout the most frequently traveled routes in The Bahamas.

Interested in taking a quick glance at our Aviation Map? You must file an e APIS manifest and a US International Flight Plan before departing the US and your first point of arrival must be at a Port Of Entry in The Bahamas.

The information provided is for VFR planning and enroute reference only.

The planning chart section shows dashed lines between flight destinations to indicate suggested VFR routing, using VOR radials.

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