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Eating disorders describe a group of conditions that embody abnormal eating habits that revolve around insufficient or excessive food consumption, which will eventually lead to the deterioration of the individual's physical and mental faculties.

Eating disorders increase world-wide among men and women; however, women in the Western world have the highest potential of developing one of these debilitating eating disorders.

Each individual has a reason for choosing to undertake a drastic eating regimen with more evidence suggesting medical and social conditions.

For instance, ADHD sufferers have a higher chance of developing an eating disorder than non-sufferers.

Biological Causes: Geneticists have concluded through numerous studies that reveal probable genetic predisposition toward eating disorders through a concept known as Mendelian inheritance.

Epigeneticists also suggest that environmental effects alter gene expression.

In other words, dopaminergic neurotransmission has played a role in various eating disorders due to these epigenetic factors.

One study revealed that foster girls have a higher development rate of bulimia nervosa.

Peer pressure and the idealization of the perfect body as portrayed in the media also plays a role.

Despite these external circumstances, research has shown that genetics may play an underlying role into the development of eating disorders.

The cost of eating disorders can be severe, including neurological and biological ailments, which may eventually lead to death if not properly treated.


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