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A survey conducted in 2003 found that, according to Canadian workers, the main indicator of a successful career was achieving a work-life balance, which ranked far ahead of salary, job challenges and level of responsibility.

Government policy makers also increasingly recognize the importance of work-life balance.

Thus, according to Human Resources and Social Development Canada, “work-life balance has emerged as a critical public policy issue in Canada”.

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In some workplaces, the desire to spend more time with family is no longer looked on as a weakness.

The many anecdotes of employees who turn down promotions or prestigious positions for fear of having less time to spend with family attest to this.

main factor influencing the amount of time workers spend with family members?

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by Martin Turcotte Over the last two decades, the idea that a healthy balance between work and family is a legitimate as well as desirable goal took hold and became an important value for many workers.

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