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To overcome delays and cost overruns, the company is reportedly looking at wireless alternatives.From where IT professionals sit, these are early days for industrial Io T.

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It's possible Fuchsia is nothing more than an experiment by Google, one of the many technological inquiries the company is famous for conducting.

It's equally possible that Fuchsia marks the direction Google will take in creating operating systems and control software for the internet of things (Io T).

IT hiring managers who take too long to extend a job offer may suffer from the snooze-you-lose syndrome -- specifically losing a candidate's interest within a week of the interview if an offer is not made, according to survey results.

I have more apps on the third and fourth Home screens, including PCalc, which has been "demoted" only because the Today widget is so phenomenal I barely need to go to the app anymore, as well as Testflight new and old, Hockey App, Uber and Tripit (which get moved up when I travel), Starbucks, Air Canada, and the other apps that feed Passbook, Swift Key and other custom keyboard apps, Launch Center Pro, Drafts, Text Expander, Apple's WWDC app, and many more.

Biggest realization: Since I got the i Phone 6 Plus over 2 weeks ago, I haven't needed to download a single Google app.

We use Google for Mobile Nations, but Gmail via Exchange is working great.Google Maps stopped announcing exit numbers, and has been getting complex Montreal street names wrong, so it's become near-useless for more.Apple's Maps has been fine, You Tube on the web is no more annoying that You Tube in the app, Hangouts was such a battery drain on my i Phone 5s, I've left it off my i Phone 6 Plus and just use it on my Mac, Snapseed hasn't been updated in a long time, Safari has always been way better than Chrome on i OS.I'll likely need to download Drive or the Docs apps at some point, but the browser transition has been so needlessly confusing I've been sticking to Dropbox lately. We're going to be having everyone here at i More update their "What's on my i Phone" posts over the next few weeks, so be sure to check them all out.And if you have any questions on my apps, or any suggestions you think would work better, let me know!A new report finds that Google Fiber is being hampered by a slow and costly rollout of its physical high-speed internet service.


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