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My theory on that is that the spirit the medium is communicating with is not actually there in the room, the medium is working on another plane and pulling the communications into this one.

Some think that a spirit entity has to draw on energy to manifest into our physical world.

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Our spiritual form is energy at a higher rate of movement (which is why we can’t see them…the faster something moves, the least capable we are of seeing it). The cold spot is concentrated and usually has warm air around it. Energy affects energy and active spirits really cause a great stir in the energy field. Your dog starts following something around the room with its eyes. If a spirit concentrates on us, eventually we’ll pick it up if we are in a quiet, receptive frame of mind. The good smells are usually smells that you associate with the spirit. I love it that death isn’t the end and that communication can still occur with loved ones who have passed on. (smile) I put it here at the end so you don’t have to bother with it if you don’t want to!! All of them are fictional but contain information I’ve learned over the years.

If an energy form is nearby that is moving at such a high rate of speed, would it not draw lower forms of energy to it? I’m not sure why entities create cold spots instead of temperature drops in the entire area but it happens. It might even growl low in its throat or start whining. For instance, let’s say one of your loved ones who has passed on used to smoke Cherry tobacco in his pipe, if he were around, you might get the smell of cherry tobacco. I drew from my own experiences in some instances and use the knowledge I’ve gained to help my characters deal with spirit activity.

It might be that they are concentrating their energy, keeping it close. Their eyes and ears can see and detect things that our eyes and ears cannot. Your cat scatters for cover, hunches its back, hisses at nothing, growls low in its throat. Knocking seems to be a relatively common form of communication with spirits. There are other things that might occur but these are the most common. The first four books are a series though all are stand-alone stories.

I think it’s possible when they are in this “tight” form of energy, that’s when orbs can be caught on film. I think it’s the energy draw that the spirits create and it simply overpowers the fragile structure of the light bulb’s light mechanism. Cats are in the same category as dogs though they are a lot more skittish about it. They are about a medium and her interactions with ghosts.

Lots of people like to dismiss orbs as having nothing to do with spirits but, again, this is an area that cannot be definitely defined (not yet anyway) so it’s all a matter of faith and belief. The little hairs on the back of your neck seem to stand on end. The fifth book…No Matter What is based on the concept of reincarnation and how past life actions can affect current life situations!

All the nerves in the body pass through the spine and the most sensitive area along the spine is the neck, where all the nerves come together going to and coming from the brain. One word of warning…the characters believe in God and thus that Infinite Intelligence factors quite heavily in the scheme of things. When i was about 3 my great grandfather passed my mom used to tell me i would be in her closet talking to somone she would come in and ask who i was talking to i would throw a fit and tell her thay she had scared my grandfather away.Our ethereal body is connected to our physical body and the physical reactions we get concerning spiritual matters is coming from the ethereal body (which is where our soul presides). Goosebumps break out on your arms for no apparent reason. Some people don’t believe God has a place in paranormal “horror” stories. I am now 19 and 7weeks pregnant i have been awaken 3 times by a deep male voice saying my name in my ear.A lot of people believe in ghosts, spirits, life after death … For those who don’t , not sure why you are here but welcome! But if I’m right, well now we’ve got something to talk about! The fact is, we are beings of energy and energy can detect other energy.For those who do believe, here are a few signs to help you know when someone of the netherworld (better known as “the other side”) is nearby. So, here are a few signs to give you a clue that maybe someone’s around who isn’t in their physical body anymore because they’ve passed on into their spirit body (I really hate calling them “dead” people). When you get a sudden “feeling” about something, you are tapping into another’s energy field! A sudden drop in temperature with no logical explanation.For the non-believers, you believe whatever you want about them. You are in a room that’s comfortably warm, and then suddenly it’s not.The fact is, our beliefs change nothing but our actions and reactions to these matters. No one really knows why there is a drop in temperature when spirits are around. Mediums can give readings without this phenomena occurring.

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