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He was probably survival of a state of society in which kavalgars did not exist, and his duties were, it seems, to look after the villagers' fields and threshing floors.At any rate, he continued in existence even after the abolition of the kaval system [see Maravan), and was declared by the early Police Regulation (XI of 181 6) to be part of the regular police establishment.

Recently, however, the district was 3 TALI brought into line with the rest of the Presidency by the creation of a new force of talaiyaris, who now perform the po Hce duties assigned to such persons elsewhere.

They are provided with lathis (sticks) and badges, and are a useful auxiliary to the police." Tali.— "The tali," Bishop Caldwell writes,* "is the Hindu siorn of marriag^e, answering to the ringr of European Christendom.

I have known a clergyman refuse to perform a marriage with a tali, and insist upon a rinof beinof used instead.

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TA Number of TAs found: 480 (71%) TAAA - Texas Agricultural Aviation Association TAAB - Technical Ad Hoc Advisory Board TAAC - Association of American Cultures TAAD - Texas Association of Appraisal Districts TAAE - TAAK - Tourism Arts Alliance of Kansas TAAL - Hindu movie - name origin unknown TAAM - TURKISH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF MINNESOTATAAN - Trekking Agents Association of Nepal TAAO - Time Available at Action Office TAAP - Texas Association of Addiction Professionals TAAQ - THERMAL AND A QUARTERTAAR - Traverse Area Association of Realtors TAAS - The Albuquerque Astronomical Society TAAT - Finnish non-profit organization promoting demoscene culture - TAAU - TMBV - Th? r Bau und Verkehr [ tmbv ]TMBW - This Might Be A Wiki [ net ]TMBX - Trimethoxyboroxin [ com inorganics products commercial tmbx.html]TMBY - trimethoxybenzoylyohimbine [ cat.?

; 7 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2008 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation CASTES AND TRIBES OF SOUTHERN INDIA (j CASTES AND TRIBES OF SOUTHERN INDIA EDGAR THURSTON, c.i.e., Superintendent, Madras Government Museum ; Correspondant Etranger, Soci6t6 d'Anthropologie de Paris ; Socio Corrispondante, Societa Romana di Anthropologia. It is noted, in the Gazetteer of the Tanjore district (1906), that "from the earliest years of the British occupation of the country, fees were paid to the talaiyari or village watchman.

The Taccha- sastram, or science of carpentry, prescribes in minute details the rules of construction. — Recorded, in the Madras Census Reports, 18, as a sub-division of Kuricchans, and of Kurumbas of the Nilgiris. In parts of the Telugu country, the Mutrachas, who are the village watchmen, are known as Talarivallu, or watchman people, and, in like manner, the Bedars are called Talarivandlu in the Kurnool and Bellary districts.

Taccha Karaiyan has been recorded as a name for some members of the Karaiyan fishing caste. In big villages there are two or three Talayaris, in which case one is a Paraiyan, who officiates in the Paraiya quarter.

Tacchan.— The name of the carpenter sub-division of Kammalans, and further returned, at the census, 1891, as an occupational sub-division by some Paraiyans. Takru.— A class of Muhammadan pilots and sailors in the Laccadive islands. Among other duties, he has to follow on the track of stolen cattle, to act as a guard over persons confined in the village choultry (lock-up), to attend upon the head of the village during the trial of petty cases, to serve processes, and distrain goods.

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