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Hi all, my first time posting here, any advice you could offer would be much appreciated I'm an English guy and I've been dating a Thai girl here in the UK for over a year now.Things were going well, I love her very much but we've been hitting some problems due to a cultural difference I guess.

Maybe you don't fit into her life goals and you are just a pleasant diversion while she is in england Are you the same social or financial status as she or her family is in Thailand? She sees herself very much as a Thai girl rather than a girl from Thailand as that's where she was born and raised and all her close family are there.

I hope I'm not just a pleasant diversion lol We're pretty much the same social and financial status.

How is it that the family can keep close tabs on her? I know many girls living with their families in Thailand who can still find ways of spending quality time with their boyfriends.

I'd agree with khonrai that it could be that she doesn't want to commit. Also, if she's studying, that's probably her main focus in life at the moment.

She's living with family at home so they know what she's doing of an evening etc.

She says she does want to commit and she's made quite a lot of effort in terms of seeing me in the daytime but it's not for long. Studying is definitely important and a focus but we should be able to manage more than a few hours a week :/ Her family do know about me.Her argument is they're a traditional family, paying for her university and she doesn't want them to have a low opinion of her if it looks like she's sleeping with me by staying at my place. why do you want to rush into deep relationship so fast.She is very concerned about what her mother (who lives in Thailand) and the rest of her family think about her and doesn't want to upset them - which I don't want either. Thanks, Jamie De Facto relationships are very common in Thailand these days. look at it this way you are not dateing a Thai girl you are dateing a girl who happens to be from Thailand.I'm keen to progress the relationship and spending just a couple of hours here and there, largely when she can hide it from her family, is making that difficult. Many Thai people live together and never officially get married. would you accept the hideing from family if she was from any other country.The ideal situation would be if she could spend some nights at my place, but she is worried how this would look to her mother. Your Thai girlfriend needs to get with the times, show some independents and stop using her family as an excuse not to have a mind of her own. Italian family's are known for being very protective of their daughter also.It probably has more to do with her not wanting to commit to a long term relationship at this stage in her life or career.


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