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The three members of a British family beaten unconscious in a "drunken" attack at a Thai tourist resort have been identified.

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It must be hell for her knowing this has happened and being on the other side of the world. "Lew and Rose are really well-liked people and everyone is thinking of them.

I don't know how they are doing, but when they come back I know that everyone will do whatever they can to help." Prof Miles added the couple often go to Thailand to visit friends and their son had flown out from Singapore to meet them.

"Lew and Rose are a really lovely couple and very hard-working," he said.

"They all know the lay of the land there and the local customs.

When Ms Owen tries to sit up she is brutally kicked in the head and collapses.

Thai officials have said the men were under the influence of alcohol and reportedly "sorry" for the attack.

John Miles, 65, a retired lecturer at Cardiff University, said he learned about the attack in the newspaper.

He said: "I later saw Rose and Lew's daughter in the village - who told me that it was her mum, dad and brother who had been attacked. She said she hadn't slept all night and looked so worried.

"They are genuinely lovely people, I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to hurt them." Police spokesman Chaiyakorn Sriladecho said the attack started after "the son accidentally bumped into one of the Thai men".

He said: "The men say they are sorry and that they wouldn't have done this if they weren't drunk." The father and son required stitches for head injuries, while the mother suffered serious head and eye injuries, Mr Chaiyakorn said.

A spokesman for the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said Royal Thai Police arrested six people and charged them with grievous assault on April 17.


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