Teyana taylor and lil wayne dating Holly grimes justhookup

It's a good thing Taylor's been working on her moves.The Pharrell protégé is set to release her newest single, "I Feel Alive." The track will be the second selection from her forthcoming debut, From a Planet Called Harlem. But when you're cool with someone, it's more like, 'Oh, that's my boy.' If I didn't know him, yeah, I'd be [intimidated]. Taylor said the uptempo track will "definitely show off more of my dancing qualities." The album is tentatively due in late April on Star Trak/ Interscope Records. "When Eve got on my 'Young Girl' song, I didn't know her," Taylor continued.

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Teyana taylor and lil wayne dating

Despite all of Wayne's bravado, Taylor said she's not wary of working with him.

In fact, she said her friendship with the Cash Money lyricist makes it easy, while it was Eve's contribution that made her nervous.

Rebekah Keida, Purple, Ruckus, Joe Jonas, Chris Adamo, Lyndon Smith, & DJ Irie Miami Beach, FL – February 8, 2015 – Whew!

[Verse 1:] Chillin' in my bedroom Wife-beater and my panties on I just got a phone call That you was out with your new girl The nigga that I did love Really kinda threw me off Feel like I'm drowning in sorrow Where is my lifeguard?

[Hook] Fuck that new girl, that you love so bad I know you still think about the times we had I said fuck that new girl, that you think you found But you calling me even when she's around I'm just saying, with me you had better I know your boys have told you that lately After me, you couldn't find better Notice that your new girl ain't me (ain't me, yeah) [Verse 2:] Kisses from a rebound She's just a girl you keep around I see all of your phone calls But I don't have the time to pick up no more All the shit that we been through And I admit it boy I miss you (damn) And I been sippin' on this champagne A little tipsy so I call you back to say [Hook] [Verse 3:] You gon be trippin' when I'm at a party You see these niggas lookin' at my body You wanna grab me when you see me leaving Won't take you back and I'll give you the reasons; I told you I'd leave, knowing I wanted to stay You didn't try, you let me walk away Starting to think all niggas are the same The look on your face tells me that you're ashamed Wanted to love you but now I'm afraid You say you need me and how much you've changed I don't believe you, it could be just game Trust isn't something you give out, it's gained [Bridge] Didn't wanna give up Say you want me back now, got my feelings mixed up I just wanna move on, I need someone that I can lean on And it won't be a nigga like you [Hook w/ modifications] I'm just saying with me you had better I can’t even remember …

the damn words Because you told me...(mumbles and trails off) Your new girl ain't me..ain't me [Speaking] I'm faded...

[Outro] Care for me, care for me I know you care for me There for me, there for me Said you'd be there for me Cry for me, cry for me You said you'd die for me Give to me, Give to me Why won't you live for me Care for me, care for me I know you care for me There for me, there for me Said you'd be there for me Cry for me, cry for me You said you'd die for me Give to me, Give to me Why won't you live for me?

NEW YORK — For someone who touts Google so much, you'd figure [article id="1582991"]Teyana Taylor[/article] would be hip enough to know that footage of her dancing in a leotard was bound to make it onto the Internet. The burgeoning artist recently mimicked [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé's[/artist] "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" dance routine, and the video popped up all over the blogosphere. My homegirl had a fashion show, and I hosted it for her. Being that I was the host, I feel like I had to go all the way." Taylor fashioned her hosting duties after former BET Awards host Mo'Nique.

It was at the National Black Theater on 125th [Street in Harlem, New York].

Everybody's been like, 'I seen you in the leotard.' It's crazy, because I just learned it that morning, 'cause it was just for fun.

The plus-size comedienne entered the 2007 show with a full throng of dancers performing Beyoncé's "Déjà Vu." In 2004, Mo playfully mimicked the singer's "Crazy in Love" routine.


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