Taylor lautner and kristen stewart dating

The teen icons were in Australia ahead of the latest instalment of the Twilight saga being released in June.

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Kristen Stewart ended up soaking wet after refusing to wear a protective mac during a jet boat ride – proving that trying to look cool doesn’t always pay.

She might have avoided being snapped in a baggy red jacket, but as a result the actress left the ride looking like a drowned rat.

But that seemed to be her plan, as she reportedly told the driver to allow ‘more water’ into the boat after loving the ‘hardcore’ action ride.‘She wanted to get wetter because they don’t have anything like it in America and thought it was hardcore’, as spokesperson for OZ Jet Boating said.

Luckily she had her hunky Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner to keep her company and the pair eventually docked in Sydney’s harbour.

As you may recall, Kristen Stewart dated one of her co-stars from the Twilight movies for a while, and..didn't end so well. Naming a baby is one of the hardest parenting decisions an expectant couple will make. Nothing induces more anxiety than choosing the name your child will carry for eternity.

But despite Stewart's alleged inability to smile, she's apparently quite the optimist because, it looks like she might be giving it another go. In news that would've led to more gasping and squealing if this were 2011, Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos have parted ways after a year of dating. And as the brunette duo ran away, we couldn’t help but wonder where Kristen’s boyfriend Robert Pattinson was.Earlier in the week, Eclipse, won the most anticipated movie of the summer award at the National Movie Awards, New Moon also picked up ‘best fantasy film’ and Robert Pattinson won best performance for his role as Edward Cullen.The opening of Mark Zunino Atelier in Beverly Hills drew a cast of Housewives old and current, including Lisa Vanderpump, Gretchen Rossi and Carlton Gebbia. What is it about some celebrities that draws us to them like magnets? From baby blue to big and brown, we just can't help but stare at their peepers, mesmerized by what we find therein. Meanwhile, Hilary Duff's son, Luca did a little sidewalk dance for mom. These celebrity offspring are the result of two near-perfect specimens coming together to reproduce. Which in the case of these 19 celebrities with amazing eyes is beauty.


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