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dfdfdfd popularity: tools: recategorize what are the vocabulary of florance and laurant? Find filipino talambuhay websites, images, videos, news and more wikianswers - talambuhay ni padre mariano gomez in filipino language and culture question: talambuhay ni.

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Roxas' policies and programs were mainly those of reconstruction and revitalization.

When he became president, the Philippines was in shambles with millions of people unaccounted for and thousands of homes destroyed. Roxas' programs were mainly centered around two goals: the reconstruction of the Filipino economy and the general rebuilding of the Philippines.

This was severely hampered by many factors, mainly the destruction of over 80 percent of the schools and the destruction of almost all farms and factories (the heart of Filipino production).

One of Roxas' major decisions in starting these programs was accepting 800 million dollars from the United States in exchange for ratifying a trade agreement.

He used this money to fund new agencies like the Philippine Rehabilitation Finance Corporation, which was tasked with building 12,000 homes and granting easy term (low-interest short-term) loans to Filipinos who wanted to build homes and start businesses.

He also proposed the creation of the Central Bank of the Philippines, which would help control Filipino dollar reserves.

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