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“Basketball Wives: Syracuse” is crazier than any reality show on television, court papers reveal.

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“Players used to joke openly about it as a known fact – that Laurie Fine gave (good oral sex) and was great in bed, and that anyone could ‘do the coach’s wife,” the affidavit says.

Davis said he told Fine about what his wife’s trysts, and he “did not react in the slightest.” Davis launched the bombshells as part of his lawsuit against Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim for smearing him as an opportunistic liar after he came forward with his allegations against Bernie Fine.

The filing says Boeheim must have known that Fine – a close friend and neighbor of Boeheim’s – was having inappropriate relations with ballboys and that his wife was having inappropriate relationships with players.

“If Laurie Fine was having multiple sexual relationships with basketball players, then the University must explain how this could have been taking place for years right under Coach Boeheim’s nose without his being aware of it and without the University’s doing anything about it,” said Davis’s lawyer, Gloria Allred.

That’s where they’d hook up with two players, identified as “Players 2 and 3,” in the court filing.

During the car ride, “the two women spoke explicity about their sexual exploits with Players 2 and 3.

In aperticular, both women would talk about how good the two players were at various sexual acts, and talk about what specific acts each of the men liked,” including fellatio and other oral acts, the suit says.

On an earlier occasion, he went with Laurie to a house where several undergrads were living, and saw her go into the bedroom of an athlete identified as “Player 1.” He said he “later saw Player 1 come out fist-pumping the air and bragging about how he had just had sex with Laurie.” He said he also suspected her of having a relatrionship with a fourth player “because of the way she acted with him.” He said her pickup moves were always the same – “she would focus on one individual player and start paying enormous attention to that one player by doing the player’s laundry, lending him her car, giving the player money and gifts, including jewelry, and generally ingratiating herself into the player’s life until it became clear that they were in an intimate relationship.” Her hookups gave her a reputation with the team, the filing says.

She’s asking a judge to lift a stay on the case so they can collect information from the former flings of Laurie Fine’s, who they believe are living in New York City.

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