Sprung the dating game ds

Oddly enough, this game isn't a Japanese game and that means that no, the girls in it are not anime babes.

Don't fret though, they're still pretty damn cute and hot ^_~.

So with that premise alone it was one of two games which sealed the deal for my getting a DS as hey, I'm a fan of the genre. Tap the screen on the choices you make, to speed up dialogue you can tap the screen while person is talking.

Nothing major aside from going up to "Playing Doubles".

Updates will eventually become more regular, just need to get a paper done for school and I'll be able to finish Brett's Story for the walkthrough (within the week). 5) Use Item (Choose 2) 1) Hey, did you hear about the blonde with a foot fungus?

Friday December 10, 2004: The creation of the FAQ itself!

That said, if you want to email me any questions or comments, feel free to, just be sure to have Sprung in the subject so I know what you're talking about.

Also, if you choose to contact me over AIM be sure to tell me in the first 3 IMs that it's in regards to my Sprung FAQ. ------------- Introduction ----------------- Sprung is a game for the DS and is one of the only dating sims you'll find in the US.

And no, I don't mean that stuff you can find online (like online flash games), but I mean commercial games. And I also don't mean Hentai games either (although some mix dating and the hentai together, ala Seasons of Sakura), as we have had a few of those come to us. well, they aren't deemed the most popular games outside of Japan. Updates should come by frequently in the next few days so don't worry too much and if something isn't there yet, wait a while. ----------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer ------------------------------- This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright(c)2004 to Wanglicious/Dark Zero104. With that legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, I personally don't care if you want to put it up on your site, so long as credit is given to me of course. It makes no difference to me where it is; if people want to spread my FAQ/Walkthrough as if it were herpes in a bar, fine by me. Just uh, unlike that example, the creator of it all actually wants to be known . --------------------------- Contact Information ---------------------------- AIM: Dark Zero104 Email: [email protected]? But spam does suck indeed, and I've noticed that having any info regarding a FAQ means you expect your email to be spammed.


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