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England won the Six Nations for the first time since 2011 after Scotland’s 29-18 win over France. Name Craig Macey Age 28 From Bath Playing position If I’d played, it would be open-side flanker. Here, the superfans that make up O2’s Rose Army reveal their favourite England players of all time, but do you agree with their choices? Passion and pride, respect and camaraderie, banter and beer. At home in bed, then the best all-dayer ever, ending up with a whole nightclub full of people adopting the Jonny Wilkinson kicking pose.

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I watched it at home with my mum – I was only 15 so wasn’t old enough to go to the pub. It’s an emblem of unity, togetherness; players and fans striving for one goal, for the England rugby team to be successful. I invited a lot of friends down from Bolton and we watched it in a pub in Richmond, near Twickenham. He was unbelievable and was one of the few great players who made the transition from league to union.

Name Vernon Kay Age 41 From Bolton Playing position Wing/ full-back What does the red rose mean to you?

We both jumped around the living room like we had our bottoms on fire.

Now lives in Letchworth Playing position Centre for Hitchin RFC, and a Level 2 coach for the under-13s. Favourite England player I’m a fan of [Jonny] Wilkinson. Name Geoff Kay Age 38 From Newcastle upon Tyne Playing position Former winger.

I put on my “lucky” England shirt that I had bought in David Campese’s shop in Sydney, and my three-month old son almost went through the roof when that final kick from Jonny went over. The pinnacle of professional rugby in this country. Passion, determination, belief, hunger and, of course, winning.

I flew back from Montreal the night before the Sydney final, arriving home about 10 minutes after the match started. Name Luke Pickles Age 23 From Northampton Playing position Second row/blind side (now referee) What does the rose mean to you? I don’t really have the physique of a forward or speed of a winger. It’s a symbol of national pride that ignites the passion as soon as you see it – be that on or off the field. I was on the Isle of Wight watching the game with my mum. Martin Johnson – and that’s quite hard to say being a Bath fan. Name Jennifer Wilcox Age 28 From Bath Playing position I reckon I’d have been a 12 or 13. He played the same position as me and was a cracking player.A freelance writer, amateur photographer, foodie, and former ex-pat now living in Melbourne.Always on the look out for the fun, unusual, and affordable.


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