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It arranges specialized meetups for speed dating members.

It also offers premium speed dating (date 10-12 professionals in one night), and special interest events (like tall men speed dating). I wouldn’t have met him otherwise and our chemistry allows us to get together more than other similar couples do and I am happy and thankful for this." Ryan from Vancouver is also all praise for this service.

Melissa from Winnipeg used this speed dating service Fast Life to attend specialized single events/meetups and she is quite happy about using this service. "I have been a busy professional with little time for personal pursuits.

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Speed dating in winnipeg

“Similarly, an Israeli company – whether they’re from the north or elsewhere – that has a partner in Canada also has a huge advantage.” Arab entrepreneurs face obstacles in Israel’s tech industry, where there are few opportunities for innovation outside the military, said Rothschild.

And few Arabs serve in the Israeli army, so they are best to seek partnerships outside the country.

Tony Bailetti, director of Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management Program, said the networking event was a chance for Ottawa entrepreneurs to build global connections and possibly secure investments.

Fast calls itself as a "speed dating and singles events portal".

I consider myself attractive, and that is also probably why I landed someone on the first speed dating event organized by Fastlife." Lisa from Edmonton is not so happy about using Fast Life. Sure, there is scope for a wider variety of choices but I guess I am just nervous if this thing will work out or not. May be in the beginning you will feel it is too fast-paced and if you are old-fashioned, it might disconcert you but think of the advantage – a wider variety of choices available for you." Pamela from Hamilton is also a satisfied proponent of the 'speed dating singles event' as presented by fastlife.

It certainly didn’t work out so far for me." Bryan from Ottawa feels he has found his 'perfect life partner' through this service. I would say I never thought possible that fastlife speed dating would work. Being a user of it herself, she is all praise for the concept. Went to an event where there were 11 women and 5 men."It allowed me to meet with my current boyfriend with whom I am going steady with and there is a possibility that we might get married too! Tried for a second event which was canceled and was not told it was cancelled. lucy scholey/metro Saher Hamed, CEO of the Israel-based Remedor Biomed (left), meets with Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo of the Bio Conver Gene Technologies Corporation during an Israeli-Ottawa networking event at Carleton University on Tuesday.The concept of entrepreneurial “speed dating” is nothing new.But this week, for the first time, a group of Israeli-Arab business owners landed in Ontario for a series of quick matchmaking sessions with potential partners.“A Canadian company that has a partner in another part of the world is at a huge advantage,” he said.


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