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I was stripping in a little club in Nyc, making decent money when Lance, a number of years regular of mine, asked me to consider his proposal.

He said he’d give me an allowance, and I could do whatever I wanted, go to college, not work at all, and also take lovers on the side.

He said he’d show me just how to find great men for sex. Use it when I’m out of town, not when I’m here to lick your tasty, dear dark flower. Lance works for a huge firm with offices around the U. One time Sex in Maryland made it much more entertaining than I thought it would be.

Lance introduced me to Sex in Maryland right following the honeymoon. S., and he’s high up there enough that he’s always flying off to a place or another. Almost as soon as the door shut behind Lance I was online looking for lust.

I almost sucked Lance dry before I recalled the real goal of my visit.

After I covered him with rubber I covered him with me.

I don’t always decide only black men on Sex in Maryland, but that night I was certainly glad I had.

I was emailed, and started chatting with a fine player.

He was from out of town, staying at a five star midtown, and he’d actually like to meet me. There were clothes scattered around, and what was definitely a back stage pass.

We chatted online for some time then I called him at his hotel. Lance opened the door and offered me whatever I wanted to drink. It turned out that Lance was with a heavyweight rapper, who had a show in town another night.

If I was wet before, I was dripping when Lance told me he could get me backstage to meet ___.

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