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IMPORTANT: First of all, speed dates are NOT interviews!

No one likes being interviewed or questioned, and having a conversation with someone attractive is different!

Yes, most people ask the same old boring “Where are you from” and “What do you do for work” type questions.

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” Can you see how this question demands more than an answer like simply “Manhattan” or “Australia” and how the implicit “why” will invoke feelings, opinions, and emotions?

The same questions are also dynamite when meeting women elsewhere too.

5 minutes is not a long time and is the average speed date length!

Opinions and feelings are where you want the conversation to go!

REMEMBER: Men exchange facts when they communicate – that’s why we communicate.

Women’s primary reason for communication is NOT to exchange mere facts. Now you had better have an answer before you ask a question like that and be ready to discuss it!

You need to do more than “just the facts” both to create attraction and to get to know them. The way I like to do this is by asking power questions, ones that require exchange more than “facts.” One great one is “What are you doing to change the world? You may not be comfortable with that strong a question, so here are a few more. ” Again, you had better have an answer ready yourself to that question. How about this one, one of my favorites: “If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow and have a day to do whatever you’d like, where would it be?

In speed dating, you only have maybe 5 minutes to make a favorable impression as well as get to know the woman you are talking to. And men, I’m sure you know some super hot chicks who are simply poisonous and should be stayed far far way from as well.

Now as a man, you may already know (or think you know), whether you want to see this person again based on looks. Speed dating is great – I recommend everyone try it – but not magical.


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