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When asked what he would do about the protests and the issue of racially-motivated violence, Trump simply stated: “there’s no such thing as racism anymore.We’ve had a black president so it’s not a question anymore.

She seemed caught off guard to see me and made references to me ‘visiting’ and how was I enjoying it now that was ‘back’. When we met up a few months later at a party, all became clear when she explained that she had been confused about seeing me because she had thought I was living in the US because, wait for it, my ex had told her that the reason why we’d broken up was because I wanted to live in America and he didn’t.

I should clarify, this was a complete fabrication on his part but unfortunately not the only one…

A few months before the party, I’d attended a launch party with a mutual friend and for the sake of not creating an awkward moment with the hosts husband, I’d had to pretend that my ex and I were still engaged, which was ridiculous considering we hadn’t spoken for a few months.

Part of me wanted to make a tit out of him for pretending that we were still together while he was knocking off someone else, but the other part of me just couldn’t be arsed with the drama.

Men jag antar att det handlar om vänlistor i facebook, så vänlista låter bättre, tycker jag.

Det engelska ordet "dating" används även på svenska i detta sammanhang.

Donald Trump continues to alienate everyone but rich white men in a press conference held today while speaking about the protests from groups holding up signs that say, “Black Lives Matter” in South Carolina where racially-motivated violence continues after several black churches have been burned to the ground after Dylan Roof shot up another church.

Many of the activists have since urged the state to remove its confederate flags from all state buildings.

There is a moment or even sometimes a lengthier time than that, where when someone tells a lie about your relationship or outright fabricates a chain of events, you have to pinch yourself and check that what they say happened isn’t true.

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