Southern nj speed dating

Many of the popular activities for singles are organized by clubs that hold events in venues such as hotels, lounges or even baseball parks.If you like to meet people the old-fashioned way, without any organized mixers or activities, head to one of the many bars and lounges in New Jersey that cater primarily to singles.In the ranking of bars by Fun New Jersey, top places for singles include Point Pleasant Beach's Europa South (, a restaurant and lounge that serves Spanish and Portuguese cuisine and features an extensive wine list.

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Several New Jersey groups hold parties especially for singles, a compromise between the goal-oriented speed dating nights and unstructured singles bars.

Affinity Singles ( holds events at Crave Restaurant & Lounge in Fairfield.

Every Saturday night, singles can show up for an outdoor barbecue followed by a DJ set and dancing.

Another highlight of the list is Bamboo Bar (, a nightclub located in Seaside Heights. Busy single men and women can condense the dating process at an organized "speed-dating" event.

At Pre-Dating Speed Dating (, participants spend several minutes chatting with each of the other attendees.

Events are organized by age group and take place at the Mount Laurel Aloft hotel, at the WXYZ Bar.

NJ First Dates ( holds speed-dating events in Hoboken, usually meeting at the Room 84 Bar.

• Singles Summer may be winding down, but South Jersey Singles can still celebrate the season with an events schedule including a dance party, speed dating and a DJ dance.

• Singles South Jersey Singles will have an August to remember with an events schedule including a two dance parties and a speed-dating event.


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  6. JDate caters to singles of the Jewish faith, but isn't exclusive to Jewish members.

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