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I wanted to have a night cap drink so we went to a bar. Elly met eyes with a good looking, elegant, very tall, very fit Black Man. Next thing I know, she walked back to me and said lets go, and took me on a walk with Ben… I was very drunk, and on the walk to his room, Elly walked with him and I followed behind them in a way. And I laid next to them, on the lower part of the bed, half aware and half dreaming.

He was with 2 friends, and he ( Ben ), kept giving Elly looks and I had no idea of it as I was being Irish and talking and laughing with new friends. In the room, right away, she and Ben got naked and she 100% gave herself to Ben. Elly has a very very tight pussy (to put it blunt). Elly’s hand could not even wrap around it was so thick, and it must be 10 to 12 inches long.

I did not realize, but Elly had stepped away from me and began to chat and talk to Ben. No kids, never married and had only dated white men. She sucked his cock for a long time, and he came in her mouth and she swallowed almost all of his cum, she said it was the best tasting cum she ever had and better than mine.

Elly did meet Jack, for me, a couple more times alone and fucked him, but something was missing so she stopped.

She said, that she would not sleep with another man unless I was with her.

Back in August on Elly’s Bday, we went to Las Vegas.And Elly was in a very hungry and wild mood from the start. On the 2nd night, we were out so late at clubs dancing, and I drank a lot. It was 4 am, we went back to our hotel (the Aria, very nice).I have an amazing Italian-Brazilian GF, supermodel. Very high class, well educated masters degree, and from a very good and close family. She is a innocent type, and is more into connection and love and romance, but does have a secret sexy and naughty side.I am 46 now, Irish-Italian, only 5ft 8in and only have a 6in cock. Elly did not understand me and was trying to understand, it was not in her nature though.Well, more and more, the last few years, I have been wanting my GF (Elly) to be with other men, and I have been wanting to become a cuckhold. The last year, we found a white man, Jack, and she went out with him and then on the 2nd date, met him at a hotel alone and fucked him.She really enjoyed Jack, but battled with her emotions, mostly because she did not get a deep enough emotional connection.

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