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A dialogue box appears reading “Activate device administrator?” Those who encounter this message and click Activate on phones and tablets that have front-mounted cameras are having their pictures taken, often recording images of how typical adult video patrons might appear.The blackmailing adult video app then sends the owners’ personal details, including telephone number and operating system, to a remote server.

A free adult video app and an online Skype scam have been targeting users of porn sites.

The free porn app, which is known as Adult Player and runs on Android smartphones, has been locking peoples’ phones and demanding a ransom of $500, reports .

Android device owners have been downloading the free pornographic movie player and having their photos taken, often in varying states of undress and compromising poses.

When installing the ransomware porn app, which is coming from the professional web domain accanalasti247[.]topliberatone[.]pw, adult video surfers are asked to give the app administrator rights.

Users can restart the smartphone in safe mode and restrict the app’s privileges by choosing the Settings menu, then the Security menu, and Device Administrator. Then return to the Settings menu, choose Apps and then choose uninstall for the Adult Player porn app.

The Skype scam attempts to wring money from Skype users who are either taking part in online encounters with other Skype users or watching adult videos while using Skype.

The Skype hackers have enabled a method that allows them to break into video feeds of Skype users who are actively engaged in Skype conversations, as well as to turn on webcams and take photos and video of users who are unaware they are being recorded.

The is reporting on men using Skype in South Auckland who have engaged in “intimate activities” after meeting women online only to later have footage of themselves shown back to them on Skype and demands for cash be made.

Another Skype racket targeted a man who was watching porn online with Skype running in the background, reports .


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