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Based on what I have seen, most of those who actually used this service provided positive feedback about Sittercity.Those that had negative feedback on Sittercity pretty much focused on the fee that they had to pay.

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We initially had three options and visited the sites of Sittercity,, and Nannies4Hire.

After visiting these websites and checking out what they all had to offer, we decided to further look into Sittercity mostly because the site appeared to be more user-friendly, had more features that we thought were handy and useful, and most of all, was highly recommended by a friend of ours.

Upon further comparison with the other two sitter sites, we also found that Sittercity had more available sitters to choose from not only within our city but in most areas in the US, which was confirmed by other Sittercity reviews such as this.

Every parent regardless of whether you have a spouse or are a single parent sooner or later, will be in need of a babysitter.

Whether it's because you need to be at work, have an important appointment that you can't miss, or simply need to have a break from family life to keep your sanity ...

having a babysitter that you can trust your precious little ones can sometimes (or is it most of the time? For the lucky ones who have family members, relatives, or their neighbors to depend on for baby sitting, I envy you.For parents like us who need outside help for baby sitting or do not want to hassle others, we have two options: find baby sitters the old fashioned way through recommendations from family and friends or find baby sitters the modern way via the internet.As parents, one of the most important criteria we have in mind is the safety of our child. Do we feel comfortable leaving our child with the babysitter alone in our house?Can the baby sitter take care of our child and at the same time be a mentor and sort of a role model? are they knowledgeable just in case an incident occurs and they need to be able to administer fist aid.Since we are using an online service, are the baby sitters screened at all? Save Money With This Sittercity Promotion Code for this month While Sittercity came highly recommended, as a parent, I felt that it was my responsibility to do my due diligence on this service.My husband and I initially combed the web to find out what others had to say about Sittercity.


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