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I think what’s happening with you is that you’re frequently being placed on the back burner while these guys explore other options.

They’re keeping their options open by continuing to engage you, but they’re out there dating other people. As I said in a recent and similar post, they’re playing their odds at your expense.

Practically everybody deals with this at one time or another.

After email 5 or 6 I suggest we continue the conversation over coffee or drinks, but they either dissappear, or arrange a date then cancel or don’t confirm.

I’ve also had a few first dates, where the man has kept in contact after the first date via SMS or email, telling me how much he misses me etc, then arranges a second date but doesn’t confirm.

They usually come sneaking back without apology after six weeks, but by then I’ve already moved on.

Funnily, when I realise that the emails and phonecalls aren’t going anywhere, I mention to them that I went out on a date with someone, then they disappear.

I know its taboo to mention other dates, but by email number ten to twelve I’ve reached a level of frustration that I no longer care.

I thought that maybe my profile attracts the loner types, as I have a wide range of hobbies and some of them might pique their interests, e.g. I’m currently rewriting my profile to make myself sound more sociable and outgoing, and working on getting photos of myself at social events, so I’m attracting more outdoorsy men.I’m also going to scour my profile to make sure there are no nerdy references.Another type of man I’m encountering is the one who wants daily phonecalls and no dates.Coincidentally, they have all been IT professionals who don’t have a rich social life, but enjoy hearing about mine.Ignoring the men who send emails like “your hot” “wanna f**k”, I’d say a quarter of the serious emails I’m getting are from men who want to meet after swapping about 3 or 4 mails.Three quarters are from men who appear to want a virtual girlfriend.


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