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: D but about your question, i deffinately want to play as a girl! not porn or anything, just something light ^^ Just came to my mind when you talked about shounen-ai.mean in my first dating sim? THIS GUY LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE SWIMMING SENPAI....why does he HAVE A NAME???? And when I google his name..:iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz::iconhappyforeverplz: I hope I didn't scare the other patient. (and my scared of the dentist feeling suddenly vanished)SWIMMING ANIME IS FINALLY OFFICIAL AND IT HAS A NAME, IT'S "FREE! (sorry I can't express my happiness nicely)Although there have been people who said that it really is going to be anime, I can't really believe it by getting my hopes up before I see the real official news lol. v=b Zes Aeh Tqjw I don't know if it actually works, but it'd be great if there's an animation series for this! Well, you know not only guys can enjoy the moe moe ish fanservices, girls need that too! AND SPREAD THE LOVE OF CUTE SWIM CLUB BOYSSSSS Heavenly Playgirl glitches and favourite Bachelors Hello!! again XDThese are the ones that I've played: HM Back to Nature (ps) -- reasons why the kitten rant is stupid1. So, I will just do it whenever..since I also have many other things to do. I'm sorry, currently I don't accept requests for ANY collab works/ yeah, i was kinda rushed when making it, since i just focused on finishing it only! I mean, I enjoy playing hers too Her works make my imagination richer! Well, not really zero, I've created some of the "chunks" of the game. Since this is a hobby, I work alone for it that's why it'll take a lot of time, plus I have other stuffs to do too I also don't like to leak stuffs to avoid changin of ideas.. But I hope that does not matter..yea, i absolutely love her too ^^ Maybe her new one will be out in a few months? I might be late for few days, but, still I read an article that kinda pissed me (because of the fake yaoi news) but eventually I laugh lol HELP THE PETITION: Swimming Anime with cute boys! From the beginning, there have been a lot of glitches, big or small, but thanks to all of you for reporting that to me I can fix them. First of all really so so sorry for the very long delay of my "complicated" doujinshi update! But I realize then it really lacks of those things that are necessary in dating sim. *___*ofc,ofc, don't we all Personally, i want to try to make a sim date/sim dates later on, when i will learn how to draw (i'm near zero of learning I made an account today just so I could say this, YOU DID AN ASTONISING JOB!!! Well I was SOOOOSOSOSOO surprised when I browsed my tumblr while was waiting for the dentist yesterday.. Firstly, I'm really sorry that many of you have to start the game from the beginning because of some of the glitches. I'm in my last degree year thus there were so much piles of works to do.

Shonen ai dating sims online

I'm glad that you can enjoy my work ah, i still have a lot to learn, and i believe pacthesis also has her own unique value and ideas in her works, and sometimes her works inspired me too! And no matter what idea you do if you decide to do one in the future, I'm sure it'll be amazing. Though, not all of them are actually timeless hats.

but still i'm thankful that many ppl including you can enjoy it it's my pleasure! (But a shounen-ai one would be really amazing because I don't think anyone has done that before! I wanna keep seeing your work and if you decide to make any more dating sims, I'm definitely gonna play them! do you know someone who is good at making rpg games but doesn't have ideas?

I have a plan for the next game and it's in construction. Wow, I'm so glad one vote up for shounen ai theme , i shall do my best for the next! They look really amazing, I really thought you were a professional but I was upset when I saw you only had one dating sim date But still! Personally, I like normal themed dating sims, but I don't really care if you decide to make it shounen-ai themed.

It's for you to decide~ Great work so far and keep it up!!!

Here are my commission prices //update - added Couple icon\\Fullbody300 Pixelart 250 Pixel icon100 Couple icon (you will get separate files! well, since i like shounen-ai (not until yaoi level), actually of course this had crossed my mind.~~~Anyway, since I'm a hobbyist, I would NOT put a lot of focus on my stuffs on DA.

you are okay with digital people dying BUT NOT A CAT?! it looks like cupcake has one of those "i know what i did" shit grins on its face👌 commissions (OPEN)Hello! Flip to page 32 of the closest book next to you and type in the last complete sentence, which now happens to describe your life. "I am positive..." positive it'll be a disaster, just like it always is with Fudge.2. i have a pet rat, and my teacher thinks it's weird 3. Do you prefer the normal ones (girl goes for bachelors) or shounen-ai themed? by FAR~~~~~~~~~~~~EDIT: OS I GOT HOME FROM WORK AND ITS BACK TO THE "GET BACK ON YOUR STAGE" TEASER AND PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT FOXY BEING IN A TEASER WHAT HAPPENED~~~~~~~~~~~scottgames updatedv/cool. If you don't have a pet, what type of pet would you want to have? Oh, out of curiosity, do you mind playing shounen-ai themed dating sim, girls?I mean you have a great talent *_* I'm sure you'll become much better than Pacthesis (is it bad that i keep mentioning her all the time? In my personal opinion with your skills exceed patchesis with no time at all (I believe you alredy have). Thank you for anyone who've been reporting the bugs until now.~~~~~~~~~~Anyway, From many of your comments I realized that not many of you are aware that Angelo is actually marriageable.(Well yeah, because I made him looks like that ) and I'm glad some of you have realized that. For Angelo, I've checked on his events, and there is no glitch. I actually have started few weeks ago however some flash technical prob happen but it's now okay. I'm really sorry But then, I'll try my best to make it.)In addition, I also apologize to some ppl who comment but didn't get reply from me, cus I can't reply all your comments Anyway, I'm just wondering, if you played any HM series,which HM series did you play? ^^'), so good luck with your next one If i'm not mistaken, you haven't started anything yet? Your art is amazing and you have lovley story telling. HOW DO YOU DO Uhm, so many years ago was my last time uploading something on DA, I CAN'T RESIST TO UN-PRESS MY CAPSLOCKMy LINE sticker is now available! Saw it on TV, and I've never seen this character before. I also saw some comments about that some of you has successfully married Angelo . But hey, lately he (Angelo) has been getting a lot of votes in the heavenly playg Enjoy my brand NEW Flash DATING SIM Game! I'm continuing it I hope I can finish this as soon as possible I can't approximate when it will finish.. I don't promise XD(UPDATE: It took longer than I thought it'd be.. THANK YOU for your hard work to make a HP sim date and the for the others I hope to see in the future. https://me/stickershop/product/1113258/en YAAAAY!!! ACCESS IT FROM HERE -- https://me/stickershop/product/1113258/en How did I end up with the idea of "Timeless Hat Boys"?! and hats of course XDSo, making hats themed sticker would be awesome. XDHaven't been updating anything on DA, since I've been working on one of my big flash project. I'm highly anticipating your next project I'm honestly hoping for shounen-ai (I'm a yaoi fangirl) but regardless of the gender I know it will be great, once again THANK thank you a lot for your wonderful comment! Making it classic with the "timeless hat" idea makes me love it more.

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