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Meeting people through friends definitely was the method of choice at 67% but Online Dating still has a role to play at 49% as do other social situations.

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I wanted to get a snapshot of the current dating climate and assess what some Canadians are experiencing.

There currently aren’t dating statistics akin to the ones in other parts of the world like the Singles in America survey (there is, however, a Sex in Canada survey, sex in a canoe anyone?

), so I wanted to see if it was worth exploring it further. The survey was completely anonymous and open to the general public.

Over 60% of respondents are actively dating, which isn’t surprising, but I did think it would be higher.

It would be interesting to find out why almost 40% aren’t actively dating if they are actually looking for someone.

Almost half of respondents (46%) are looking for companionship, but they’re also looking for a soulmate as well as someone they can do things with.But, not everyone is looking to walk down the aisle, only 36% actually are looking for that piece of paper, but I probably should have asked if they want a “life partner” or “long term relationship” and maybe would have gotten more.Although it’s just a quick snapshot, it really is telling about what people are experiencing. As you see below, there were almost equal amounts of men and women respondents.Half of the respondents were in the 35 to 44 age range, which makes sense because that’s the demographic of my readers.Although I couldn’t get representation from all provinces across Canada, I was still able to get a good number from the bigger cities in the country.Most respondents seem to be looking for some sort of relationship or companionship, even if it was casual.

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