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Educational institutions must adopt and publish guidelines affording all students and staff rights should they decide or not decide to pursue a formal complaint involving sexual violence.

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School officials at Carroll County's two colleges say they are prepared to comply with new federal laws in transparency, education and reporting of sexual violence on campuses by the Oct. Mc Daniel College administrators say their policies and procedures put them at the forefront of colleges working to ensure their campus is safe from sexual violence.

And at Carroll Community College, where there has never been a reported incident of sexual violence, administrators say their system is on board to comply with the standards.

Last year, amendments to the Clery Act under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 required colleges and universities to help bolster the response to and prevention of sexual violence in higher education.

The amendment, called the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, requires public and private colleges and universities participating in federal student aid programs to increase transparency in the scope of sexual violence, guarantee victims enhanced rights, provide standard judicial conduct proceeding and provide campus-communitywide educational programming. 1, colleges and universities are expected to comply to a "good faith" measure and publish all incidents from the previous year in the annual security report.

The Clery Act — which requires colleges to report all sexual offenses annually — defines them as either forcible, including rape, sodomy, sexual assault with an object, fondling and forcible fondling; or nonforcible. The report includes crime statistics from the 2011, 20 calendar years.

In March, new amendments to the Clery Act were passed into law; however, the regulations will not be submitted by the U. Between 20, there were 19 sexual offenses reported on Mc Daniel's campus.

In the same time frame, zero have been reported at Carroll Community, a commuter campus without dorms.

New measures under Clery Under the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, colleges will be required to collect and report additional statistics including domestic violence, dating violence and stalking occurring within and adjacent to campus, noncampus properties such as off-campus student organization housing and remote classrooms.

All measures go into effect at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, and colleges and universities must show their compliance by Oct. Institutions may face penalties of up to ,000 per violation if found to be in violation of the Clery Act after the new regulations are finalized.

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