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Their true interest appears to be to establish legal and social privileges for Christians and this is demonstrated by their opposition to religious equality for Wiccans in Florida.Could it be that politicians cynically use the mantle or religion in order to further their political agendas and to validate the separation of people along ethnic and religious lines? Savvy con artists, whether political or religious, are able to get people to associate their religious faith with particular individuals...With the furor over the publishing of cartoons deemed offensive by Muslims, some have wondered if we might enter an era when all the media are unofficially censored according to the dictates of religious belief.

That's the way it's always been and it's a tradition most people are comfortable with, but there is a growing movement to separate church from state in that generally secular nation.

The existence of Blue Laws have been defended in America on a number of grounds.

Some say that they are simply traditional - and anything that traditional must be constitutional as well.

The separation of church and state is one of the most important legal and constitutional principles in America.

Unfortunately, it's also a hotly debated principles.

Some people advocate strict separation, some advocate accommodation, and others argue that church and state shouldn't be separated at all.Naturally, there are regular news stories dealing with the general issues surrounding the separation of church and state: debates, principles, speeches, lawsuits, and more.Others argue that they represent an aspect of America's Christian heritage and as such need to be preserved.More and more we are seeing legal cases where Christians in government abuse their positions by promoting and endorsing their religious beliefs.They are defended by the claim that they are simply exercising their constitutional right to practice their religion, but this claim ignores the fact that they are acting as officers of the government, not as private citizens.Mathew Staver's Liberty Counsel pretends to be concerned with religious freedom, as opposed to fund-raising and the creation of faux outrage over non-existent problems.


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