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Research also indicated that 20 percent of men and 12 percent of women use their workplace computer to access online sexual material and that six out of every 100 employees admitted that their work computers were their primary method for accessing online sexual material.

According to a well known study, between 80 percent and 90 percent of people who cruise the net for sex don't get hooked. Al Cooper, a psychologist who teaches at Stanford University, concluded that about 1 percent of the respondents could be classified as true "cybersex compulsives," spending more than 11 hours a week on online sex.

Of 20 million people who visit sex-oriented sites each month, approximately 200,000 people may be using the Internet in a sexually compulsive manner.

Women, gay men and other "sexually disenfranchised" groups were particularly at risk for Internet sex addiction.

Researchers found that compulsives have more problems with relationships and jobs than casual visitors of X-rated sites.

It can also be a response to stimulating, pleasure-producing areas of the brain.

Our brain circuits are wired so that behaviors needed for our survival, such as eating and sex, are pleasurable.The release of neurotransmitters to the pleasure receptor sites of our brains rewards us.The Internet allows people to interact with others who share social or sexual interests, or completely reinvent yourself.Behind your screen name you can bend your gender, talk nasty, check out the action on Web-cam sites, cruise Internet back alleys, download porn, and play out all your sexual fantasies.Having fantasy sex over the Internet with someone you may never even see in person is called cybersex.And if the Internet doesn't lead to a real-time sexual encounter, it may be the safest safe sex of all. Did you know that there are more than 300,000 adult sites, cybersex sites and chat rooms?

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