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In the past week the European Courts of Justice ruled that obesity could be now considered a disability.But the average UK woman weighs eleven stone at 5”3, which puts her BMI at 27.3 and firmly in the overweight section, heading towards the scary sounding “obese” category.

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It makes mobility harder, exercising almost impossible and slip-on shoes become essential. Lexi Smith*, a student from London who is a size 20, explains that fat sex is just as much a psychological issue as a physical one.

“My size has never physically prevented me from doing the sexual positions that we like, although I can imagine if we wanted to be more adventurous it would be harder due to my weight rather than my shape.

For example if we wanted sex against a wall, it would involved my partner needing to lift me, which would be challenging!

Which, sounds like a ridiculous reason to fire someone in the first place.

Only, we have a sort of inexplicable revulsion at fatness.

When teenage girls insult each other, fat is the first word they use when they really want to be hurtful. They’ll even use fat before they use the word slutty.

Because encompassed within the word “fat” are a million other insults.

Fat has become a by-word for smelly, lazy and undiscplined.

But most of all, being called fat pejoratively is a synonym for being sexually repulsive.


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