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Hospitals and the medical staff primarily maintain a “cure vs.

care” mentality (2012) which lead to unfortunate practices such as overmedication or even dismissal of quality of life practices which were replaced by curative treatment.

The emergence of hospice (the hospice movement) followed a different methodology/ideology.

The research being reviewed currently was conducted in 2012 by Sarah Pederson and Tara Emmers-Sommer.

The study focuses on gathering data to analyze and provide qualitative and quantitative answers to a central research questions which asks how patients understand the hospice mission and holistic approach?

Each of these concepts is connected to the practice of hospice and how the hospice patient’s outlook is affected by each. A Brief Review of Primary Concepts The studies introduction examines the culture of death in western society dating back several centuries.Death (like birth) was viewed as communal processes (Pederson & Emmers-Sommer, 2012) where patients and families were closely involved with one another.Naturally, as medical processes become more sophisticated, birth began to take place out of the home in professional medical settings.However, according to scholars, death became a process facilitated outside of the home due to, “the psychological discomfort individuals experienced regarding death” (Ragon, 1983).By facilitating the dying process in a hospital setting, refuge/respite was provided to those who were dying (2012).Death in a hospital setting caused certain difficulties.


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