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As you read profiles, responses to emails, have phone conversations, and meet in person your instincts help tell you if something is "right" or if something is out of alignment.The "out of alignment" message is your cue to be careful, back off, or proceed with extreme caution.

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Armed with just your home phone number, a person can easily gain access to your income information, home address, and even learn the value of your home.

Armed with your first and last name, a person can do searches to determine quite a bit of information on you - where you work, what you do, and even what your home phone number is.

So in the initial stages of communication, guard your personal information. Use a Free Email Account If you decide to move your communication from the anonymous email feature provided by the majority of online dating services then provide an email address that isn't your regular one. , Hotmail, or Gmail account that you use just for online dating.

Every year, tens of thousands of people get married as a result of meeting on an online dating service.

Millions of people are doing it and, in general, online dating is regarded as a safe medium for meeting potential dates.

Your instinct is a powerful medium for knowing when something doesn't feel right.It is also a great way to measure when to move forward with someone and when to turn and run. This article shares ideas for preventing dating abuse and violence. Share this article with your teen and start the conversation.Shannon Symonds worked 14 years as an Advocate for families experiencing Domestic or Sexual abuse while raising 6 children in Seaside Oregon.She loves to laugh, write, run, paint and most of all play with her family and friends.Online dating is the best possible way to meet fantastic people who share your interests and passions.

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