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A conversation with the swimmer about the Olympic Village, downloading Tinder, and shaving every inch of your body. (On Sunday he finished third in the 400-meter individual medley, and thus won’t be able to defend the gold he won in London.) A few weeks ago, I sat down with Lochte to talk about training, dating, what it’s like to no longer be the new kid on the block, and that one somewhat questionable catchphrase… Now that I’m more mature, it’s time to focus more on the swimming part and less on the outside part. But now you feel like you’re getting back to where you thought they’d be? Do you do anything for fun during this period or is it just all training all the time? What was that like and did you feel like your public persona was an accurate version of yourself?

It was basically, Ryan was starting his swimming career over again. Then we get back in the water for another two hours of swimming, then head home, eat dinner, and get some rest. We’ve been doing a lot of stuff about online dating stories? You became one of the breakout athletes of the last Olympics, and you had this defined persona that people gravitated towards as this just handsome, silly dude.

Then an hour of dry-land, which can be medicine ball work, boxing, running, cardio, abs. But it’s fun too, because I get to meet so many people. So once swimming is all said and done if you want to do those kind of things, you have to leave the Village and go on your own.

I’m starting to see times in practice and at meets that I was seeing leading up to 2012. So I’m usually eating, taking a nap, and then I go back to the pool around . Different athletes that are there just because they’re there. You can’t have girls in a guy’s room or guys in a girl’s room. You’re there to compete, you’re not there to party.

And then after that you go back home and have about four or five hours before your next practice. I heard going back to the Sochi Olympics the athletes were using Tinder in the Village and everything, so I started using that. I was going to ask you about Olympic Village stories. Just because you just have so many people from so many different countries. So once you sign this code of conduct you have to be in your bed by a certain time.

Go to the swimming pool where we do like forty five minutes, we call it “activation,” but it’s like abs, sit ups, just stuff to get your heart going. And then after that we do an hour, an hour-and-a-half of weight lifting. So squats, bench, hang cleans, snatches, stuff like that. I mean, honestly if you’re an outsider looking in it seems like one big party. And you have people who finish their competition early, so then they just hang out in the village, up at late hours, banging on their drums, yelling, chanting their national anthems. No, one good thing about USA is that we have this code of conduct.

Did you have any fun, crazy stories last time around?Being a swimmer, I’ve been shaving my entire body since I was like 13 or 14. And it’s so much smoother than regular shaving, because I don’t have to worry about it growing back. And you think by doing it after so many years, it gets easier, but I always end up cutting myself. Because during the Olympics it’s like a seven-day meet. You always find yourself re-shaving throughout the meet. With gentle laser hair removal I don’t have to worry about that. It’s actually one of the key things I’ve changed from 2012. The August 5th, 2016 Opening Ceremony date of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is now less than 550 days away.


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