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too late, too much to say wish you were here, wish you well if you only share this…Wish You Were Here is up now at; xid=16522&id=1746765 Pre-order for their new album ‘Beneath It All’ (being released August 17th!

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Thanks Cassadee and Rian for being amazingly talented musicians and just a couple of cool kids in love.

He also has a sad life, and is very depressed and angsty and shit. A story told years later, in scraps of memories.) Witch Weapon Academy or WWA trains witches and warriors to work together and develop partnerships to last a lifetime. Things didn't go as planned, and Gerard is now stuck with 15 other students in the school building and to get out, one must kill or get killed. But it’s Rian that’s leaning close in the back lounge of the bus, his strong hand warm on Ashton’s thigh through his jeans, breathing beer scented breath against Ashton’s cheek.

I don't know what's wrong with me that I keep writing stories with depressed characters, self-harm, eating disorders, etc. By coincidence or by design, we have found ourselves in a place where cosmic forces cross paths. We are taking advantage of it because we're both young, dumb, clueless and, most of all, horny.(Jack and Alex meet while the world is ending. Gerard and his younger brother Mikey are one of the few chosen teenage boys to be accepted to Hope's Peak Academy School For Boys.

I love the fact that Parks and Rec uses the same documentary style as The Office without there being any actual documentary crew or any in universe attempt at explaining it.

There’s just this invisible camera crew and that’s how the world is. It’s so weird and the lack of explanation makes it better.

Born Robert Rian Dawson on 18th December, 0000 in Baltimore, Maryland and educated at Dulaney High School, he is famous for All Time Low. Send in pictures of yourself holding a ‘cass is bad ass’ sign, to: [email protected] creative signs win mystery prize. If I get 50 pictures I’ll give out an extra surprise! the photos will also be part of our Fan DVD for the band Winning pictures will be shown to Cassadee!!!! oh oh oh oh oh oh here’s my heart and a postcard, darlin just one step from the edge sink below and it’s so hard, darlin you’re next to me in my head but it’s too late, too late to call are you out there?each of us will give it to our representing Hey Monday Band Member.Spring has sprung and it’s time for us to go awww at one of the cutest couples we know.Today we honor our very own Cassadee Pope and Rian Dawson of All Time Low.They’re adorable, so in love and their relationship pretty much elected them king and queen of Buzznet.


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